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Posh Two piece Suits

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Book 101Book 101
A two piece suit knitted in Fine Crepe using the weaving technique. I have self woven, then cut floats to create fringing. Jacket has three quarter sleeves and is team with a full flard skirt.
Price: 4.50

Book 79Book 79
A Little Black Jacket for the evening..... So useful...

Knitted in 1x1 rib on the standard gauge machine working with 5 strands of French crepe or 4 strands of Uppinghams Filagree. Pretty frilled edges and fantastic Swarovski crystal zip. A skirt with a secret.... it is zipped together by crystals. Have fun and enjoy

Up to 46 hips
Price: 4.00

Book 77Book 77
Ribbed V-neck Classie Top for evenings knitted in 1x1 rib on the standard gauge machine working with 5 strands of French Crepe. The frilled edge is easily knitted first, in full English rib. Decoration on the neckline is worked by hand with beads. Full details in the pattern. Fun floatie skirt with a hankerchief hemline in 2 strands of crepe which also features a self coloured petticoat.

Up to 42 bust
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Price: 4.00

Book 68Book 68
Fantastic jacket knitted in Full Needle Rib in 3 strands of Fine / French Crepe on the standard gauge machine featuring darting to give you a super classic blazer fit. Easy lay revers...... Just right for any occasion. Pattern comes with a simple staright skirt, but why not knit trousers to match ? Not suitable for a beginner
Price: 4.00

Book 61Book 61
A two piece Suit knitted in 3 strands of Fine / French Crepe plated with Silky for stability. The Jacket is knitted on the single bed and worked sideways. The suit features a slimline box pleated skirt to complete the outfit, Standard gauge machines with a plating facility.
Price: 4.00

Book 60Book 60
A three quarter Jacket and straight skirt in 3 strands of French Crepe knitted in full ndl rib. The long sleeved Jacket features pocket, an all in one front edge trim plus a diamonte zip...
Price: 4.00

Book 58Book 58
A very interesting top knitted in silky and chenille using the method for the scarf, punch lace and cutting the floats (24 st pattern). The cutting takes longer than the knitting but the result is amazing.......... Simple pleated skirt in 2 strands of hobby to complete the outfit. Standard gauge machine 950 and above or Silver reed / knitmaster
Price: 4.00

Book 57Book 57
Fun cardy knitted in hobby/silky plus chenille / silky/ ribbon worked in 2 colour tuck. The cardy can use up your oddments of yarns as only small quantities are used. Straight skirt included with pattern, standard gauge machines sizes 32 to 46 bust
Price: 4.00

Book 56Book 56
Full needle rib dress featuring pin tucks at the neckline, hemline and cuffs. Easy to wear and KNIT....... for those occasions when you need extra room !!! The outfit is completed with a scarf (pattern included)
Price: 4.00

Book 54Book 54
Ankle length straight skirt knitted in 2 hobby and 1 silky with a two colour tuck edge trim in Chenille and Silky, simple fitting top with scoop neckline in all over 2 colour tuck to match hem trim, uisng a built in brother pattern. Pattern includes sunray pleated skirt as well. Standard gauge up to 50 hip
Price: 4.00

Book 53Book 53
A Classis Top knitted in Hobby and Silky on the single bed with all-in-one revers, edge of the collar is trimmed with a contrast ribbon to compliment the sunray pleated skirt. A ribber is used for the hem, but not essential
Price: 4.00

Book 52Book 52
A full needle rib 2 piece knitted in Hobby on the standard gauge (there is a pattern for passap). The tunic features

a pin tuck stripe round the hem line to match the match the straight skirt. The V neckline is worked all in one, so no problems with uneven necks...... The honeysuckle is stencilled on.......
Price: 4.00

Book 50Book 50
Another popular jacket knitted this time in a fine 4ply chenille in Full Ndl Rib on a double bed machine. This jacket is short sleeved or long sleeved featuring revers all worked using fully fashioned techniques. An easy to knit shaped Jacket. The wonderful thing about full ndl rib is you do not need trims, they can all be knitted in one......

Simple straight woven skirt completes the outfit
Price: 4.00

Book 49Book 49
A woven pleated skirt and waistcoat knitted in 2 strands of Hobby. The weaving yarn comes from the States and is called avanti featuring viscose slubs on a cotton multi coloured base. very interesting colours. email for colour chart
Price: 4.00

Book 48Book 48
Wonderful Jacket long or short sleeves for that a bit of a do, add some glitter and WOW

On the knitting front you will need a ribber, and the front buttonhole band is knitted all in one with the fronts, not sewn on after......... Knife pleated skirt or straight ribbed to match the JACKET. Worked in 2 strands of Hobby.
Price: 4.00

Book 47Book 47
For those who want to try something different........

A plated suit knitted in 2 strands of Silky in 1 colour and plated with a second strand in a contrast colour, then you rack using a ribber, what an interesting suit...... Long line tunic and matching straight skirt. Up to a 44 hip
Price: 4.00

Book 43Book 43
A popular long sleeved longline Jacket, or even a waistcoat with no extra front bands all knitted in one........ Worked in full needle rib on a standard gauge machine with a ribber. No extra trims, all edges are knitted in one. Up to 50 inch hips Worked in 2 strands of Hobby.

Also with knitted full ndl ribbed skirt
Price: 4.00

Book 34Book 34
A three pice suit knitted in yeoman yarns' Janiero (viscose + Linen yarn about a 2ply) and woven with their Castoro which is a shaggy chenille yarn. Simple shape and a classic suit. Standard gauge machines
Price: 4.00

Book 33Book 33
Long sleeved blouse with a yoke and tradional shirt styling all knitted in Hobby and Silky plated. The blouse features an interesting contrast rim on the collar and cuffs. Neat straight skirt in 2 hobby and 1 silky to complete the 2 piece. Standard Gauge machines
Price: 4.00

Book 29Book 29
Classic Tunic Top with long sleeves and a tab fronted collar knitted in a 2/30's merino wool called Polo from Yeoman Yarns. Matching sunray pleated skirt completes the outfit. Standard Gauge Machines
Price: 4.00

Book 28Book 28
A classic suit knitted in a fine 2/30's merino wool called Polo from Yeoman yarns. The wool has been plated with Silky so the suit can be pressed to give a wonderful drape and flow. The jacket / blouse has an interesting tuck lace edgeing and hem trim, while the skirt is a simple knife pleat. Standard Gauge machine. Up to hips 48 inches
Price: 4.00

Book 20Book 20
A two piece suit plus a short sleeved top for those who love Jacquard. The Jacket and top are worked in Jacquard knitting with Silky and Hobby, a simple check for the Jacket and spots for the top. A smart suit finished with a single bed skirt knitted in Hobby and Silky. Only for standard gauge machines, up to a 48 hip
Price: 4.00

Book 18Book 18
Hip Length Top and Skirt knitted in 2 strands of Hobby all on the standard gauge machine. The skirt is simple slightly A line with 4 sets of pleats, very flattering and extremely popular pattern. The top enjoys a woven strip pattern, you knit a conrast line of colour and weave over with a main colour ribbon. The effect is outstanding.....

Up to a size 50 hip
Price: 4.00

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