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Book 39Book 39
Simple easy to knit single bed trousers worked in 1 strand of Hobby and plated with 2 strands of Silky. Measure a pair of trousers that fit you well, then apply the measurements as described in the pattern.

Easy and quick to Knit !

Up to 50 inch hip
Price: 3.50

Book 63Book 63
Trousers knitted in 3 strands of French Crepe plated with a Silky or 2/30's for stability. These have slanted side pockets by popular request.

Up to a 50 inch hip. Standard gauge
Price: 3.50

Book 74Book 74
Lightweight Trousers knitted in 3 strands of french crepe plated with sewing thread. Can be knitted with a boot leg. Up to 50 inch hip

This is my third trouser pattern !
Price: 3.50

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