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Posh Frock Tops

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Book 66Book 66
Simple Evening top knitted on the single bed in 2 strands of French Crepe. The beauty of this top comes from the rhinestone banding which is inserted on the machine around the neckline and hipline. If desired the hipline trim can be omitted.
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Price: 3.00

Book 10Book 10
A very atractive top knitted in 1 strand of Hobby and 1 strand of Silky knitted on a standard gauge machine using a viscose ribbon to knit pick up stripes. Very easy to knit, but switch the answerphone on to avoid being distracted, and stunning to wear
Price: 3.50

Book 41Book 41
A simple top knitted in 3 strands of Silky on a standard gauge machine with a 24 st patterning facililty. Knitted sideways, with a round neckline and can be sleeveless OR LONG popular demand
Price: 3.50

Book 59Book 59
A twin set that can be knitted from one cone of Bramwells' Silky or any 2 30s' acrylic (please match your tension) The garments are knitted sideways in slip stitch working in 2 strands of Silky. The slip detail is then used as a guide to iron on glittered squared sequins. The twinset takes £3.50p worth of glitter, all sizes. Please email me for details, as glitter can be sent with your book. Sises 34 to 48 bust. Standard gauge machines
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Price: 4.00

A sideways knitted blouse featuring e wraps and a peter pan collar. Knitted on a standard gauge machine in 1 strand of Hobby., Up to a size 48 bust
Price: 3.00

A simple top which can be knitted with your odd ments of Hobby. Knitted sideways uisng holding postion to create this unique design.
Price: 3.00

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