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Twinset CollectionTwinset Collection
A collection of Twinsets Knitted in 3 strands of French Crepe on the standard gauge machines, some use a ribber. A very useful selection of cardys and tops. Up to bust 48 inches
Price: 7.00

The Sable CollectionThe Sable Collection
14 Garments all under one cover.........

A Brand NEW collection of Designer Outfits for you to knit on your Standard gauge machines.

All the outfits are knitted in Sable Crepe, now available from Bramwells. Sable is a 4ply 100% Acrylic yarn (500grm cone) smooth yarn, you are knitting with one strand only.

Hip sizes up to 50 inches.
Price: 7.00

The Skirt CollectionThe Skirt Collection
A collection of 16 Posh Skirts knitted on the standard gauge machine plus one ribbed skirt. Mainly knitted in Hobby and Silky with full instructions on pressing and finishing. Sizes 34 to 50 hip.
Price: 7.00

The Quick to Knit CollectionThe Quick to Knit Collection
A Collection of Machine knitted garments that are Quick to Knit. Using a double bed machine, Brother, Silver Reed or Passap, knit lengths of fabric in full ndl rib. If you own a motor this will speed up the process, steam the fabric, then cut and sew. Armholes and sleeves can use the Cut and sew method which will require an overlocker.

BUT they can be knitted using a fully fashioned shaping method...........

A Long or short Jacket, S/sleeved Top, Sleeveless Top and Skirt all included. Up to 48 hip, French Crepe or Bramwells' Hobby.
Price: 7.00

The Suit CollectionThe Suit Collection
A Wonderful Selection of knitted suits worked in Bramwells' Hobby and Silky. Cardigans, short sleeved tops, easy pleated skirts, wrap round skirt and simple plain skirts. If you wanted something special and easy then you will find a suit in this book. Easy to Knit with fully detailed instructions. Sizes 34 to 48 hip. Standard gauge machines
Price: 8.50

The Top BookThe Top Book
A Collection of five Posh Tops to mix and match in your wardrobe. A single Hobby blouse with ribbon detail, a light weight merino wool long sleeve top for cooler days, and a casual all-in-one Collar top on the single bed in Hobby anf Silky. And for the evening a Tuck sitich top in Crepe and glitter or a long / sleeveless top worked in slip st with iron on glitter. All up to a size 48 bust on the standard gauge machine
Price: 7.00

Take 2 Top CollectionTake 2 Top Collection
Another Collection of your Favorite tops.
Price: 7.00

Little Posh FrocksLittle Posh Frocks
A Collection of Little Posh Frocks for the youger lady. Suits and Dresses knitted in Bramwells Hobby and Silky. Standard gauge machines. Ages 2 to 8 years
Price: 7.50

The Ribber BookThe Ribber Book
A collection of my favourite ribber patterns for you to knit. Worked in 2 strands of Bramwells Hobby on a Standard gauge machine with a ribber. A very useful addition to the wardrobe. Sizes 34 to 48 inch bust
Price: 10.00

The Passap CollectionThe Passap Collection
A Collection of ribbed garments knitted on the Passap machine. Full needle ribbed jackets either Long or Short, patterned Jacket for cooler evenings. Simple to knit skirts all included in this Collection of popular Passap patterns

Sizes 34 to 48 bust
Price: 11.00

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