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Would you Club like a visit by PoshFrocks ?

Would you Club like a visit by PoshFrocks ?

I have regularly lectured to clubs all over the UK and abroad sharing my techniques. I find the following lectures most popular. Any can be expanded to run for a morning session with a full demo on the Knitting machine, with a different topic in the afternoon.

1} Talk about my Posh Frocks, techniques used, yarns used etc. This is the best choice if your ladies are not familiar with my work as I end up covering two talks briefly and very often there is too much information in all to be absorbed in an evening.

2} The ribber. I have recently grown to love my ribber, and have designed some very popular patterns for the ribber.

3} Plating. I use plating for many different reasons, its very easy and gives very interesting results.

4} Pressing. I bring along my iron and board and show you how 'I do it'.

5} Designing. Discussing techniques of designing relating to my work.

6} Knitted Trousers which don't seat or bag.

7] Working with Chunky Yarns on the Standard Gauge Machine

With every talk I always bring dresses, pattern books, and fancy yarn which I use. I have patterns for Standard Gauge and Passap Machines.

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